Kamenev, E. V. COMPREHENSION OF THE PAST IN THE CONTEXT OF CONTEMPORARY HISTORICAL CULTURE. Proceedings of Petrozavodsk State University. 2023;45(2):76–82. DOI: 10.15393/uchz.art.2023.872

Discussions. Source Studies in Actual Historical Culture


E. V.
Petrozavodsk State University
historical science
source studies
text analysis
Summary: The article questions the thesis about overcoming the postmodern paradigm. It is stated that the ideas and research approaches proposed by the postmodern classics will remain as an element of the theoretical and methodo- logical base of humanities and will coexist with other conceptions. This, in turn, actualizes such issues as the structure of the object of a historical study, the scientific status of historical writing, and the approbation of post-structuralist methods of text analysis in historical research. It is shown that within the postmodern paradigm, the meaningfulness and structuredness of a historical event is understood as the impact of linguistic structures on the chaotic flow of infor- mation. The practice of historical writing is deprived of scientific status and is shifting towards literature, because in historical proof the main role is given not so much to logical devices as to linguistic and literary means, which create the illusion of the described events corresponding to historical reality. Therefore, it is logical to use research techniques and methods of post-structuralist literary criticism in historiography. However, textual analysis is supposed to examine the ways of meaning formation as such and all the potential exits from the text to the intertext, while in historiography the demonstration of the openness of the text does not make sense in itself. It is necessary to avoid this multiplicity, which undoubtedly has literary, but not historiographical meaning. All this, in turn, poses the task of finding a specific set of cultural codes within which the secondary meanings of a historical work were formed during a specific historical period.

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